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Shale resources have long been a potential alternative for the Mexican energy sector. The size of alleged potential reserves, the low price that governs the gas market and the environmental advantages that they have over other  fossil fuels keep pressing Pemex to take a further look into the possibility of satisfying the nation’s demand struggles [...]

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Last week, Javier wrote about the problem of increasing the attractiveness of natural gas, so that Mexico can capitalize on its vast unconventional resources. To summarize, the biggest challenge in the way of increasing natural gas production in Mexico is that the current price of gas in the US, to which Mexican gas is indexed, [...]

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Shale Gas Reform?

On October 19, 2012 By

 The Nation owns the following: …all the oil and all solid, liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons…

…With respect to oil and solid, liquid, gaseous or radioactive hydrocarbons no new permit shall be issued and those already issued shall be cancelled in order to allow the Nation to carry out the exploitation of the materials mentioned above [...]

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Carlos Morales Gil, head of exploration and production at Pemex, announced at the end of last week that the NOC plans to drill 175 shale gas wells in the next two to four years, having already begun tests in the Salinas-Burgos-Picachos basin, an extension of the US’s massive Eagle Ford shale gas formation that extends [...]

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For integrated oil and gas companies, particularly NOCs, the choice between exploring for oil or gas is an easy choice to make. Since the global demand for gas has dropped, companies often prioritize oil exploration and production in order to maximize profitability. Pemex is no exception, and its levels of gas flaring (although currently improving) [...]

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